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Wore this in my early 20s, and used to get compliments continuously. Very first fragrance I used to be ever hooked on. Unsure If your scent is super youthful or if I just associate it with my own immaturity at some time I had been wearing it. :)

Smells like a floral lemon to me in addition to a little bit sharp, i favor a creamy lemon, attempted it on as it was half price but will not be acquiring it

Just got a bottle of the nowadays just after it being my favorite 15 years in the past to be a teenager. I acquired a little bit apprehensive for a 2nd that I won't love it nevertheless, but I do! So much, It can be my favorite.

When sprayed you get a strong blast of lemon and white florals with a hint of a rose. When dried It can be even now powerful although not overpowering and you can scent apple tree blossom and other citrus scents. Longevity is quite good it previous for just a long time must very last most on the working day.

I wear it to operate on most times (unless I'm feeling a more vanilla-y scent) And that i get compliments about how nice I odor continuously. Folks have also asked me for the name of it and in some cases joked about not wishing to return to their desk just so they could odor me for a few minutes longer!

There is a park near here that has a lot of honeysuckle developing around the fenceline around the riverside, and an apple orchard on the other aspect and linden trees in the middle. At a certain time of calendar year, this spot in the park smells heavenly. I handed a young lady yesterday who smelled much like this and requested her what she was wearing.

A single bad perfume practical experience is over plenty of to pandora leaf earrings put me off this pandora leaf earrings unique fragrance For the remainder of my daily life.

Wow, just one I could by no means go into. Never had anything towards any other product or service of Hilfiger's, (wearing Hilfiger earrings right this moment) but this is one particular I just can't tolerate. Feels entirely devoid of depth or originality to me--like a box of Tide.

Not to wish to dress in it truly is one particular thing; possibly you're a Lutens or Amouage or even Nasomatto form of somebody. But to find fault with Tommy Woman simply because she just isn't part of your own fragrance romance is really a kind of neurotic projection. Just because You do not like it doesn't mean you can find something Improper. Tommy Female is like Levis jeans or maybe the Golden Gate Bridge, unimprovable plus a monument of yankee style. I'm not Doing the job for the corporate; It is how I really experience. The white tea scent is intoxicating plus the flowers are at just the best volume and pitch.

Can anybody suggest something less "typical" and dated but with similar composition but a lot more experienced? I have a hard time finding a scent that I can put on without obtaining a headache. I love citrus scents, price no limit.

This is new and thoroughly clean and go to website ideal for Summer emergencies like following a swim. I like that it differs than almost anything else to choose from that I've smelled lately, nevertheless it doesn't scent "retro" to me Regardless of my remembering it from years ago.

Commonly, I don't purchase "designer" fragrances. I have never ever worn Tommy Hilfiger and wasn't really in the Tommy picture.

Considered one of my all-time favorites; gotta get another bottle. To me this is among the most unique scents; there's nothing i can think of that smells even remotely like it.

My favorite notes would be the citrus, apple tree blossom, and the leather which all Mix together so nicely.

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